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CPU AMD A4 6300 Processor

TTD $400.00
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AMD A4 6300 Processor

  • 32nm Richland 65W
  • 1MB L2 Cache
  • AMD Radeon HD 8370D

CPU Thermal Compound

TTD $20.00
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Thermal Paste for CPU. 1 G White 1.36 W/m-K Thermal Grease Compound for Processors, VGA, LED, Chipset, Radiator and other PC Components Thermal Compound Heat Conducting.

Video Asus Geforce GT 710 (2GB)

TTD $520.00
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  • Silent Passive Cooling Means True 0dB
  • Industry Only AUTO-EXTREME Technology
  • Super Alloy Power II
  • Supports 3 Displays
  • GPU Tweak II