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Forza UPS FX-1500LCD (840W)

Forza UPS FX-1500LCD (840W)

Forza FX Series offers an enhanced level of protection specially designed for your high performance office equipment like servers, sensitive electronics and home theater components.
It features a coaxial surge protection line and LCD display, in addition to a battery-supported system (UPS), allowing you ample time to save your important information and shut down all your equipment safely during power failures.

Smart UPS

Smart UPS with LCD screen

AVR Function

Equipped with AVR function to regulate output voltage


Optimized for audiovisual hardware, servers, and networks


Equipped with coaxial TV Cable/Internet protection and RJ-45/11


Battery status indicator

LCD Screen

LCD screen indicates the functional status of the UPS in real time

Voltage Regulation

Input and output voltage regulation

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Forza UPS FX-1500LCD (840W)

Forza FX Series is designed for power protection for your personal computer, server or home theater. The compact size is specially designed for limited once and home working space.


  1. *LCD displays real time status information
  2. *Easy to read LCD visual display with bright blue back light
  3. *Power protection for home and oce equipment
  4. *Boost & buck AVR to stabilize voltage
  5. *8 outlets – w/surge protection, battery back up, AVR (6), and surge protection only (2)
  6. *Network, Fax & modem protection and surge protection (RJ-45)
  7. *USB communication port
  8. *Long back up time
  9. *Power management software CD
  10. *660 Joules surge rating
  11. *Coaxial protection
  12. *Fire retardant construction
Model Number FX1500LCD
Capacity 1500VA/840W
Voltage Range 89-145VAC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Backup Time 45 min.

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Weight 25 lbs


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