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Founder Shazan (Jimmy) Mohammed actually began his career in accounting with his first job of managing the books at a computer company. This ignited his passion for computers and he began learning more about it, so much so that he decided to obtain formal training at UWI and earned his first certificate.

This led to better jobs at other computer companies including doing freelance work throughout Trinidad for another 8 years when he decided to open up his own computer business in Princes Town, his hometown, in 2005. Since then, he and his wife work together as a great team with their staff, as the business, with its catchy name “PC Clinic”, continues to grow.

Shazan Mohammed is a dedicated community worker and knows the importance of giving back to his community. As a member of the Princes Town Business Association he is an advocate for improving and promoting the Princes Town business district and encourages all to do the same for their communities in T&T. “Having started off in the field of accounting, my first job was in a computer company managing their books. However I soon found a passion for computers and started learning the industry. I quickly learned the trade and got my certification and training at The University of the West Indies. I then worked with a couple computer companies and did freelance work throughout Trinidad for eight years before deciding to open up my practice here in my hometown in Princes Town in 2005. Since then my wife has joined me in the business and we work great together as a team and our staff and our infrastructure continues to grow.”

“With 15 years of experience in this field, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and I am comforted everyday when I can assist a customer who walks into my store, over the phone or on the internet with a computer problem and it does not matter if you are not my customer, the same great service and top notch advice will be given to you for free.”

“As a dedicated community worker I know the importance of giving back to community for future development and hence I urge everyone to do the same so that we can develop our beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago.”

Shazan (Jimmy) Mohammed