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Gel Mouse Pad (Imexx)

Gel Mouse Pad (Imexx)

  • Ergonomic Designed for comfort.
  • Portable Ultra slim and flexible, easy to take anywhere
  • Foam Layers of memory foam keeps your hand comfortable.
  • Quality Build to last.

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Gel Mouse Pad (Imexx)

The Imexx 25811 Memory Foam Mouse Pad w/ Wrist Rest provides you with maximum comfort and support while working. Ergonomically-designed to give your hand and wrist a more natural position, it incorporates the latest visco-elastic or memory foam technology to conform and adjust to your wrist’s natural contours. Made from layers of memory foam, the Imexx 25811 Memory Foam Mouse Pad ensures maximum air and blood circulation to relieve stress on your wrist’s pressure points. Get the Imexx 25811 Memory Foam Mouse Pad to experience precise mousing and improve cursor response every time!

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